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2017 Vintage Report

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30 August 2017

Key points on Beresford’s 2017 Vintage from our Chief Winemaker Chris Dix:

The end of 2016 saw a wet spring with unseasonal high rainfall, with some vineyard flooding occurring late into the year. A delayed growing season and mild summer temperatures pushed ripening out 3 to 4 weeks later than usual. However, the vines developed a good canopy and leaf area which allowed the fruit to ripen well. Harvest commenced in the 2nd week of March, this was perhaps considered the norm some 30 years ago.

Slow and steady ripening allowed for the development of good fruit flavour focus, soft ripe tannin and moderate acidities. In the winery, ferments and malolactic fermentation all went through steadily and cleanly. Overall, a very good vintage with some outstanding parcels in the winery maturing nicely and awaiting bottling.

Cheers and Enjoy!